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Welcome to Total Pool Service

Corona, Ca Pool Service Takes the Work Out of Owning a Crystal Blue Pool!.

There's nothing like a warm, CLEAN swimming pool in summer. Remember how you felt when you first got your pool? You would be swimming before breakfast, barbeques for the neighbors, lots of kids splashing – nothing but FUN.

But then the WORK set in. All the cleaning, scrubbing, chemicals – and then your pool STILL looks dingy and the water hurts your eyes.

Total Pool Service of Corona California puts the FUN back into owning a pool. We take care of all the hard work with professional personnel and the industry's best cleaning and maintenance materials. And about those burning eyes – We have your pool chemicals balanced by a one of our experienced techs so the Ph is always just right!

What does this cost? Our expert Pool Service starts at JUST $69 per month for full chemical service and filter cleaning. That's the cost in our area.

CALL us NOW at 909-353-2555. We will give you a free, no-obligation quote to make YOUR pool perfect all summer. Satisfaction always guaranteed.


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